Zoltan Fecso (2019)

Zoltan Fecso is a podcast producer, musician and composer from Melbourne, Australia. Known for his live performances on an augmented guitar, built by luthier Ian Noyce. Zoltan’s compositions are created by combining small fragments of single notes repeating at varying speeds, inspired by ‘pointillism’, a painting technique using individual coloured dots to create images. 

Zoltan participated in a workshop at CAMP in Aulus-les-Bains before coming to Saman to work on new compositions.

Zoltan Fecso on TIDAL

Together with his stay with us and at CAMP, he wrote his second full length Entering and Emerging released on Amsterdam based recordlabel Shimmering Moods. Many of the field-recordings and instruments recorded from Le Clos De Saman studio can be find in the sonic realm of this album.

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