Jacobien van der Weij (2021)

During the summer of 2021 we welcomed Jacobien to our space, who eventually got interested in what she could do with objects she found around the house. As short as within two weeks, beside visiting mountaintops, the remains of a Romain villa and having a swim every early morning, she created three pieces in raw clay. At the moment they’re stocked in the cellar, where … Continuer de lire Jacobien van der Weij (2021)

Clément Marion & Lisa Frairpont (2020)

Clement brought his whole studio to Le Clos de Saman in order to finish an assignment. Meanwhile Lisa Frairpont followed her daily yoga routine and paired this with baking one loaf of bread each day. By changing the recipe slightly each time, she would try to come closer to the right one. They managed to escape in the period of two lockdowns and use our … Continuer de lire Clément Marion & Lisa Frairpont (2020)

Maarten Sprenger (2019)

In the two weeks that Maarten has visited Le Clos De Saman, he meditated in absolute silence during the first week. The second week he joined our daily activities and worked in our garden.  Dutch writer, curator and specialist Maarten Sprenger has worked in education as a teacher and entrepreneur, specialising in children’s information and online search behaviour. Being a former teacher at the Gerrit … Continuer de lire Maarten Sprenger (2019)