Julien Mier (2018, 2021)

Julien Mier, Dutch-French musician, composer and producer based in Sydney, Australia uses a variety of objects found around the house and environment of Le Clos De Saman to bring it all together in a live performance and music record called cloudstreet under his project santpoort.

Walnuts of a century old tree of the backyard, a broken nutcracker and empty pots of paint are among the objects as source of the musical composition. Armed with a Fostex 4-tracker and DX7 found in a timeless op-shop in St. Gaudens, Julien has travelled back into a time where technology was less developed to re-create music the way it used to be recorded and composed.

In 2021 Julien revisited the place to record more music and used the old recordings from back in 2018 to finish and complete a full length under his surrealism project Himalayan Beach Ensemble where the imagination and impossible scenario’s stands central in this body of work.

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